Student dies after slipping into Bhimkund waterfall while taking selfie


In a tragic incident, a student from Cuttack has died after slipping into a waterfall in Odisha’s Mayurbhanj district. This was after a group of students visited Bhimkund waterfall on a holiday and one of them decided to take a selfie while standing on the edge.

Photo: ANI

The deceased has been identified as Rohan Mishra, who’s believed to be a resident of Cuttack in Odisha. A news flash by news agency ANI showed a man being swept away in the water body after slipping into the waterfall. Many people rushed to help him but the victim was quickly swept away by the force of the current.

A report by All India Institute of Medical Sciences had said in October this year that more than 250 people worldwide died while taking selfies in the last six years. The findings, as reported by The Washington Post, said that 259 selfie-related deaths took place between October 2011 and November 2017.

The researchers found that the leading cause was drowning, followed by incidents involving transportation – for example, taking a selfie in front of an oncoming train – and falling from heights. Other causes of selfie-related death include animals, firearms and electrocution.

Two tourists had drowned to death in Goa in June this year while taking selfies. Both the tourists were from Tamil Nadu.

In another incident of selfie taking exercise going horribly wrong, seven friends had died in river Ganga in July 2016, when all seven friends drowned in the Ganga while trying to save one another.