Speeding train runs over 20 cows in Delhi, movement affected


The Northern Railway has said that at least 20 cows were killed after they were hit by a speeding Kalka-Shatabdi Express near Narela in northwest Delhi on Wednesday. The incident later considerably affected the movement of trains in the region.

According to a report by PTI, a herd of cows was crossing the tracks between Holambi Kalan and Narela when the 12005 New Delhi-Kalka Shatabdi Express hit 20 of them “at full speed” at around 5:44 pm.

“The railway personnel present there cleared the tracks. It was horrific. In fact, the impact was such that there was minor damage to the tracks as well. The train departed left the accident site at around 7 pm,” PTI quoted a spokesperson of the Northern Railway

The spokesperson said that the driver of the train had applied emergency breaks on seeing the herd. “But the cows got run over as the train was running at full speed,” he said.

Unattended cows roaming freely on Indian roads have become a common sight after Narendra Modi became India’s prime minister. Modi assuming office has coincided with the alarming rise in what’s now being known as cow terrorism.

Members of Hindutva brigade masquerading as cow vigilantes have killed scores of people on suspicion of cow smuggling in the last four years. They’ve have received support from senior members of the Modi government. Last month, a senior member of Modi’s cabinet, Jayant Sinha, was condemned after he garlanded a group of Hindutva terrorists out on bail for killing an innocent Muslim for cow smuggling.

This has had a crippling on the sale of bovine for the fear of being lynched by Hindutva terrorists.