Sourav Ganguly was asked how coronavirus entered bio bubble; BCCI President refuses to term hosting of IPL mistake; draws comparison with Manchester City


Former India cricketer and BCCI President Sourav Ganguly was asked to explain how coronavirus managed to breach the bio bubble of IPL and infect so many players. Ganguly refused to accept that the bio bubble was not foolproof just because several players were infected by the virus.

“I don’t think so. The report we got is that there’s no breach of the bubble. How it happened is very difficult to say. How so many people are getting (infected) in the country is also very difficult to say,” Indian Express quoted the former India skipper as saying.

The IPL had to be indefinitely postponed after several players tested positive for virus. Most overseas players have left India.

The hosting of this year’s IPL had come under criticism since this coincided with the deadly pandemic, which has killed tens of thousands of people in the last few weeks alone. But Ganguly doesn’t think the decision to host the IPL amidst human catastrophe was not a mistake.

He said, “No. When we decided, the number was not even close to this. We did the England tour successfully.”

Drawing a parallel with the English premier league, Ganguly said that even there some footballers had tested positive for COVID-19 but this did not lead to the indefinite postponement of the competition.

“When it was happening in England (second wave of the pandemic), there were cases in the English Premier League. Manchester City, Arsenal players got infected. Matches got rescheduled. Because their season is six months long, they can do it. But our season is tight. Since we have to (release) players to their respective countries, rescheduling was very difficult,” Ganguly added.

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