Smriti Irani’s deputy brazenly confirms his govt will saffronise not just education but the entire country


He’s Smriti Irani’s junior in HRD ministry and has often courted controversy for his racist and Islmophobic speeches.

Ram Shankar Katheria has now confirmed what many leaders in the BJP so far refused to admit publicly for the fear of international condemnation and losing acceptability in the wider section of Indian society.
The Minister of State for HRD was addressing a function at the Lucknow University to celebrate ‘Hindvi Swaraj Diwas Samaroh’ to mark the 342nd coronation year of Shivaji. His remarks are likely to lend further ammunition to the opposition to attack the Modi government.

Katheria, who along with Irani is responsible for leading on India’s education policy, made stunning admission on Saturday saying that Narendra Modi government was working towards saffronisation of education in India.

Addressing a programme on Saturday, Katheria said, “Shiksha mein bhi Bhagwakaran hoga, desh mein bhi Bhagwakaran (saffronisation) hoga.Jo desh ke liye achcha hoga wo zaroor hoga, chahe Bhagwakaran ho ya Sanghwaad ho, kuch bhi ho. (Not just education but the entire country’s saffronisation will take place. Whatever is good for the country will happen. Whether that is saffronisation or spreading the ideology of Sangh). We’ve seen it for far too long. We never accused anybody. But the circumstances have changed now.”

The junior HRD minister appeared so angry against Muslim rulers in the history that he mistook Subhash Chandra Bose as Maharana Pratap.

He said, “if we don’t teach the history of Rana Pratap and Maharana Subhash ji in our syllabus, then do you think we should teach about Ghengis Khan?”

Not so long ago, Katheria was in news when he threatened the Uttar Pradesh administration to cause large-scale bloodshed if charges of hate speech were not withdrawn against him and his associates from militant Hindu outfits.

On 29 February, while addressing a rally in Agra, Katheria had also threatened to kill Muslims.

(Video: ANI)