When Smriti Irani took students by surprise by her whistling


Union Textile Minister this week was the chief guest at the annual convocation ceremony at the National Institute of Fashion Technology. Just when the graduated students were posing for photos, Irani took students by surprise by her whistling skills.


A Times of of India report said that amid the cheering of students for the passing out batch that was on stage, Irani put her fingers into her mouth and let out a loud whistle, and the whole gathering followed.

The incident happened soon after Irani delivered a powerful speech at the event. She said, “I greeted a lady who has studied Tangaliya – this is the kind of expertise that we are missing in the ministry and it would be my proud privilege if I can invite you to become my right hand in helping revive this dying craft, which you have so beautifully underlined.

“I was also honoured to meet the lady who has studied Indian costumes and its impact from 1950 to 2010. In her study, we see the influence our legacy, in terms of our culture and craft, has had not only on costuming, but also the impact of it when one sees it on the big screen and adopt it in their daily wear. I am fortunate to also have the responsibility of the ministry of Information and Broadcasting and in the month of November in Goa an international film festival will be conducted where 100 countries will find representation. Filmmakers from across the world will be there where we celebrate the beauty and magic of cinema. I would like to extend a special invite to her (Vandana Jaglan) to present her studies in front of filmmakers from different countries.”

The report of Irani whistling evoked reactions from social media users;