(Video) Rohith Vemula’s friend releases video, says Smriti Irani’s statement blatant lie


Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani on Wednesday made a passionate speech in the parliament seeking to expose the opposition’s ‘lies’ on Rohith Vemula’s death.

Among other things, she said that no doctor had gone near Rohith’s body until 6.30 am the next day.

She had said, “This is what the police said. No one allowed a doctor near this child, to revive this child. Instead, his body was used as a political tool.”

Jantakareporter.com has also accessed the video of the evening of Rohith’s death where the on duty chief medical officer at University of Hyderabad can be seen attending to his dead body moments after his body was found.

(Warning: the video here can be graphic in nature. Viewers’ discretion is advised.)


Rohith’s friend  Zikrullah Nisha, wrote on his Facebook page,”Liar..Liar.. I was the person who called health center immediately after learning that Rohith Hanged in NRS hostel. Within 5 minutes CMO Health center Dr. Rajashree P has reached the spot and she checked the pulses and declared him dead.

There were Telangana police also present there.  Today MHRD minister lied to entire nation that no doctor and police were allowed to check the dead body till 6:30 AM of next day.”

Elsewhere, documents The News Minute has revealed that the report quoted by Irani was not accurate.

Quoting Chief Medical Officer M Rajshree, who was on duty at the time of Rohith’s death, the website reported, “Security officials found the body in NRS hostel room. I got a call around 7:20 pm and I rushed to the hostel to examine the body. By the time I reached the body was removed from the ceiling fan. Within 10 minutes we declared him dead. I also informed the VC immediately. He asked me whether there was any possibility of reviving Rohith. I was there till 3 am that day.”

This was recorded in the health book of the university by Dr. Rajshree. The entry is dated January 17 and the time of death has been recorded as “approximately 7.30 pm”. It also says “Informed to VC, DSW, Registrar and reported to police.” The entry is signed by Dr. Rajshree.

The entry in the health book of the university by Dr. Rajshree dated 17 January described the time of Rohith’s death as “approximately 7.30 pm”.

It also claimed to have “Informed to VC, DSW, Registrar and reported to police.” The entry is signed by Dr. Rajshree.

Rohith’s body was found between 6.30 and 7 pm in Room No. 207 on 17 January.