Six people including one catering contractor and his law student son raped 16-year-old girl in Madhya Pradesh for 16 months, arrested


Police in Madhya Pradesh say that they have arrested at least six people including a minor for repeatedly raping a 16-year-old girl for a period of over 16 months in Indore. The matter came to light after the girl’s father, a watchman in a commercial apartment in the city, reported the incident to police.

Madhya Pradesh

Tahzeeb Qazi, the in-charge of the Tukoganj police station in Indore, was quoted by NDTV, “The arrested men included the 50-year-old catering contractor, his law student son and his nephews, aged 16 and 18”.

According to reports, the girl was forced to leave her studies in March 2018, when she was a Class 9 student, due to her mother’s sudden death. She started living with her father along with her younger sister. One day, a local catering contractor from her neighbourhood asked her to take care of children at his house while her father was away on a watchman duty. The catering contractor promised to reward her financially in exchange for the childcare duty.

The catering contractor later allegedly started showing her porn clips and raped her repeatedly. Soon, his 23-year-old son, studying law, also joined in to sexually assault her. The girl decided to seek help from a boy who once studied with her in school. She borrowed the mobile phone from one of the teenager nephews of the catering contractor to call her friend. That 16-year-old nephew of the contractor too raped her before his brother also joined in.

But, the girl’s agony wasn’t over yet. Soon two more men from the neighbourhood learnt about her ordeal and, instead of coming to her rescue. they too sexually assaulted the girl, who’s now 16 years old. She finally informed her father, who reported the matter to police.

The news comes amidst a report being tabled in the Madhya Pradesh assembly on the alarming rise in crimes against girls in the state. A report tabled in the assembly by the Madhya Pradesh Child Right Protection Commission said that over 6,794 minor girls (below 18 years of age) had been raped in the state in the last one year. Indore, where the latest incident of rape has shocked the nation, has registered the most number of sexual offences against children.

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