BJP corporator wants 6 lakh sq feet land in Mumbai for cowsheds


Mumbai BMC corporator Ram Barot of the BJP wants six pieces of land measuring nearly six lakh square feet to be earmarked for cow sheds in the upcoming Development Plan for the metropolitan city.

Barot claimed that he has mentioned the cow-shed issue in his notice of motion as he felt it would prevent cows from roaming the streets and eating plastic.

He has suggested that there should be six cow sheds in Mumbai, with each measuring 10,000 square metres.

Replying on a question as to why the current sheds won’t suffice, Barot said, “Most of the stables are for buffaloes; cows are left in the open. No one takes care of them.”

Barot’s second suggestion concerns couples with more than two kids. He felt they should not be given any benefits by the Center and state governments.

He wants if couples who have more than two kids should not be allowed to contest elections for local bodies.

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