Exclusive: More than Asim I’m sad about his daughter, emotional Sisodia tells AAP MLAs


Delhi’s deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia on Sunday told AAP MLAs that the sacking of his former cabinet colleague, Asim Ahmed Khan had saddened him ‘less because of Asim and more his daughter.’

Speaking to MLAs at Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s residence, emotional Sisodia said, ” on Eid I had gone to visit Asim and met his daughter who is of the same age as my son, Meer. She is a cute girl. I hugged her. But the night I came to know about the charges against Asim, my immediate thoughts were about his daughter as to what hurt and shame this revelation will make her go through. I remained restless throughout the night. I kept thinking how this little child faces her friends in school.”

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Kejriwal had called this meeting in the wake of Khan’s dismissal following graft charges that he had asked for Rs 6 lakh from a local builder.

The purpose of this meeting, the Delhi CM had tweeted, was to reinforce the message why they had come to politics.

Every MLA was there with his/her family members.

Sisodia, who too was accompanied by wife Seema and son Meer, addressed the MLAs first.

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He said, ” you really need to be aware of the impact your actions may have on your family. We are all here as a family. We’ve been together in our fight. I’m here today with my wife Seema and Meer. They are proud of as husband and father. But, tomorrow if I falter from the right path, my action will hurt them the most.”

Sisodia said that it important for every family members of AAP MLAs to make sure ‘we never falter from the right path.’

He urged his MLAs to ‘remember the reason’ why they had joined politics.

“We had joined politics to weed out corruption from politics. We must keep reminding ourselves about this all the time. We have to present a model of governance that the coming generations should use it as an example,” he added.

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