Try this magic herb this summer for glowing face and soothing skin


We are often concerned about how we look and in the process end up spending thousands of rupees on expensive emollients to bring the much-needed radiance on our face. In our desperation to look good and ensure a youthful glow on our face, we usually tend to ignore the pitfalls of chemicals used in almost every skin product available in the market.

Most face washes including the most ‘natural’ ones invariably have to use chemicals to elongate shelf life. A lot of so called products that claim to use aloe vera have also to add chemicals which end up nullifying the claim of it being natural.

Aloe vera – the ubiquitous herb

Did you know that aloe vera is available all around you, It is a hardy plant that survives the harshest of climate. A non fussy, tropical plant, it thrives both in the Indian summer as well as winter. Aloe vera grows well in pots and on the ground.

Using aloe vera in its purest form is the safest way to apply anything on your face since it’s a natural herb and it has no side effects.

How to use

If aloe vera is being used as face wash, you are advised to just clip a leaf, slit open to expose the gel like interior (see image below). Usually one half would be enough for your entire face. Take one half of the slit leaf of aloe vera and start rubbing across your face including your forehead.

Leave it for 10-15 minutes. Once the aloe vera juice has dried, you can rinse your face thoroughly without using any soap. You will notice a glow in your skin.

Similarly aloe vera can be used on any part of the body to hydrate sensitive areas of the skin. Aloe vera when applied around the vaginal area is also said to soothe fungal infections affecting the delicate skin.

Aloe vera, when applied to the dandruff inflicted scalp works wonders. Its juice also helps you reduce weight. But do check with the nursery before you choose to consume its juice because not all aloe vera plants are suitable for human consumption.

The best time to apply aloe vera juice on your face is in the morning. It will be effective even if you choose to do three times a week.

Where to find aloe vera

Aloe vera plants these days are available almost in every nursery. You can plant them in your garden or in a flower pot in your balcony. Just make sure you water the plant regularly but excessive water may kill your plant.

So, this summer, say good bye to all those expensive face wash products and try this organic method for a radiant face. Its regular use will also help you rid the problem of black heads permanently.


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