Sikh youth attempts attack on Jagdish Tytler


A 23-year-old Sikh youth tried on Saturday night to attack Congress leader and 1984 riot accused Jagdish Tytler while he was returning from a wedding ceremony in south Delhi, police said.

“The Congress leader was leaving the wedding ceremony when the incident happened. A youth named Sehaj Umang Singh started abusing Tytler and then tried to throw a glass at him. However, the leader escaped unhurt,” a police official said.

“Following the attack, the people caught the youth and handed him over to the police. He was detained and later let off after a brief interrogation.”

According to reports, the incident took place around 11 p.m. at a farm house in south Delhi’s Mehrauli, where Tytler had gone to attend a wedding ceremony.

The former union minister Jagdish Tytler, is accused of inciting the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in the national capital after the assassination of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

The 1984 anti-Sikh riots was a dark chapter in India’s political and social history as it claimed the lives of almost 3,000 Sikhs. The riots were triggered by the assassination of then prime minister Indira Gandhi on October 31, 1984, by her two Sikh bodyguards.

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