Sheena Bora murder mystery: Love, Money and Dhoka


The Sheena Bora murder mystery has not only made headlines but raised many questions about the media and its coverage. This is not the first time a sensational murder case has shocked the nation, Aarushi murder case still haunts all of us.

Many can’t believe why educated, sophisticated and urban parents would kill their only daughter? Many stories and plots are being reported in the media. Some sections of the media have even gone on to malign the character of the victim.
And now we have this latest sensational case to keep the news channels busy for a few days.

Every channel is running this story from the day one covering all its angles. The past of every family member is dug out, no one is spared.

It won’t be surprising if some channels interview the milkman or dhobi of the family. Channels are inviting “celebrities ” and “experts” to discuss the murder case . All the wannabe Sherlock Holmes are trying to analyse the situation in which the crime was committed.

Armchair experts are doing psycho analysis without even knowing much about both the accused and the victim. One chap even goofed up with the name and we can’t blame him as the story is so confusing with so many plots and sub-plots.

Some are even defending the accused and blaming the society for the plight of the accused and the victim. The society may be a factor but bigger factor is the greed of the accused.

I don’t know if the daily TV shows get inspired by such people or people get ideas from the soap operas . Whatever it is, the entertainment value is very high, promising high TRPs. Oh yes! I mentioned entertainment value, now we as a society look for entertainment even in a murder case.

It tells a lot about the morality of our society. But then this is a murder case which involves a mother killing her daughter, whom she presented to the world as her sister. Not only did she manage to fool the society but even her third husband had no clue about what she was upto. Either she was too intelligent or her husband was too naive.

But who cares? Everyone is bored of the repetitive TV serials and what better to keep all intrigued than a real murder mystery which has a mix of glamour, money and love, a deadly cocktail.

Anyone who watches the news channel might be led to believe that that the nation has no other major problem than this high profile murder case. The media has added enough masala into it that everything else fades in comparison.
Surprisingly, more than the crime, the life of the accused has become the centre point of the whole case. Many are not so concerned about the dead girl but rather more interested in the lady who had three husbands, few kids, her friend circle, parties she attended and how ambitious she was?

The fact that she murdered her daughter takes a back seat but important is how she got married to an influential and rich guy? How manipulative she was? Her being ambitious is portrayed as a bigger crime than the murder. One paper even had a story on how deceptive or diabolic her gaze was.

One Delhi-based English website had had this to say, “Why did Indrani mark out her daughter as a bigger challenge to her designs than her son? Or was it that the Alpha Female saw another Alpha Female as a bigger threat to her than a son?”

Fantastic, isn’t it?

Rather interesting observation from the reporter, hope the detectives make a note of bizarre observations. Pictures of the accused dressed glamorously holding a drink in her hand are seen everywhere.

Not just the TV media, even the print media is not behind in the rat race. Most dailies had this story on their front pages.

And this will continue for a few more days until the story is milked enough and public lose interest in it. Looking at the twists and tales in the case, it will take a long time for investigating agencies to solve it.


It may take months to even conclude who was married to whom? But till then the people are only going to grab their popcorn and enjoy the show. Public will watch the investigations done and verdicts given in newsrooms. Anchors will shout & scream to make their point & keep asking “what the nation wants to know ?”

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