She learnt the murder plot from TV, duped her brother to be blindfolded before stabbing him to death


In a chilling incident of a murder, a minor girl in Gujarat has confessed to killing her brother because he ‘prevented’ her meeting with her boyfriend.

The murder took place in Amreli town of Suarashtra region, where the girl killed her only brother Siddharth(23) by stabbing him in his chest and neck multiple times.

Police on Tuesday said that the blood soaked body of the victim, the son of a local lawyer Ramesh Dafda, was found inside his house in Aasopalav society in Chitla road of the town.

She claimed to have hatched a conspiracy to get rid of him after he opposed her relationship with a boy she said she loved.

According to police, the girl said that she had got the idea after watching a crime show on TV, where a husband, on the pretext of playing a game, had blindfolded his wife, before killing her.

Photo courtesy: Dainik Bhaskar


In her case, the girl confessed that she had asked her brother to play a game of hide and seek. Siddarth’s, after a little bit of persuasion by his sister, agreed to take part in this game. The girl ties his hands before blindfolding him. She then quickly brought a sharp knife from the kitchen and removed Siddharth’s blindfold in order for him to be able to see her.

The girl told police, ” At that point, I told my brother that I was going to kill you. He thought I was joking, But I wasn’t. I stabbed him twice in his chest. He fell down on the floor in pain. I continued stabbing and attacked him on his neck.”

The police said that the girl then went to the kitchen, washed the blood-stained and changed her clothes and went out for a while.

According to reports publishes in local language newspapers, the girl was back in the within minutes. Soon after reaching home, she began to shout for help informing her neighbours that somebody had murdered her brother.

Police has launched a thorough investigation to verifying her claim further.