Sharad Pawar re-elected as NCP chief


Nationalist Congress Party supremo Sharad Pawar was re-elected as the president of NCP unanimously on Wednesday.

Pawar has held the post ever since he founded the party in 1999 after parting ways with Congress.

Pawar’s re-election was declared by NCP General Secretary T P Peetambhar Master at the party’s sixth national convention, where Pawar launched a verbal attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “Indulging in the game of politics on foreign soil is a serious issue and in doing so, the country’s image had taken a beating,” Pawar was reported saying.

Hitting out at the IIT Madras row, Pawar said, “Recently some experts from IIT met me in Delhi and told me how the saffron agenda was being pushed through in education.” He further added, “In the name of development, saffron ideology is being implemented. It is a challenge and NCP has a national duty to counter it.”

Pawar also paid tributes to former Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister R R Patil and former Rajya Sabha member Govindrao Adik who passed away recently.

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