Sehwag’s retirement video and how it was misintepreted


On Monday night, the Indian media in their true style of not checking facts before flashing a big story, reported the retirement of Virender Sehwag from all forms of cricket. It was indeed a big breaking news except that it turned out to be untrue. The player was forced to issue a clarification while he became a top twitter trend and his new found well wishers began to pay tribute on social media platforms.

Sehwag, while responding to a journalist’s question on his retirement plan in Dubai, said on Monday, “since I’m not playing any international matches, so I’m technically retired from international cricket. But I will return to India, think about my career and make an official announcement there. ”

It seems this was this Sehwag’s video that prompted journalists to once again ‘interpret’ news. And once again this exercise resulted in huge embarrassment for our friends in media.

Watch the video