RTI reply exposes Modi government’s claims on black money, zero FIR against culprits till date

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An RTI reply has exposed the claims made by the Centre’s Narendra Modi government on dealing with the black money.

When asked to provide information on a number of FIRs filed against the black money hoarders by the newly formed Multi Agency Group, Union Finance Ministry headed by Arun Jaitley said that not a single FIR had been filed till date.

Justifying the zero FIR against the black money hoarders, the finance ministry said that there was no provision to register an FIR under the law.

The RTI reply said,, “The mandate of Multi Agency Group is to facilitate co-ordinated and speedy investigations into Panama Paper Leaks. The investigations are conducted by the specific agencies. As per the Income Tax Act, 1961 and Black Money (Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets) and Imposition of Tax Act, 2015 there is no provision of registering FIR.”

The Multi Agency Group was formed in April last year to investigate the legality of money stashed in offshore entities by Indians named in the Panama Papers leak. On 6 November, the Central Board of Direct Taxes said that the MAG will monitor the probe and take “swift action” on the ‘Paradise Papers’ on financial holdings abroad that list a number of Indian entities.

The panel will first go through the details of income tax returns filed by the 714 Indian individuals and entities reportedly named in the Paradise Papers and subsequently take action, on a case-to-case basis, officials added.

However, activist Neeraj Sharma said that the formation of MAG and other investigations were pointless if the laws did not allow the government to register an FIR against the black money hoarders.

Sharma told Janta Ka Reporter, “Can someone ask our prime minister how will he jail black money hoarders if there is no provision to register FIR?”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made the black money a key election issue during the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. While addressing an election rally in Uttar Pradesh in December last year, Modi had said that he “will find a way” to jail the rich who had after demonetisation stashed their ill-gotten wealth in the Jan Dhan bank accounts of the poor.

He had said, “Whoever has deposited the money in your accounts, don’t withdraw a rupee from it. See how they will plead and fall at your feet. If they threaten you tell them, ‘I will write a letter to Modi’.”

But the latest revelation through RTI reply will provide his critics, particularly Congress party, more ammunition to embarrass the prime minister and his party during the election campaign in Gujarat.


  1. I guess you are being wilfully dumb. If there is no provision in the law, till it gets changed (potentially by parliament passing it), how can the government file an FIR? Find out who is against that law being passed, and what all parties support it. Also dig through and find out what is the current way under law to send those corrupt people to jail. Hold government accountable by providing facts. Do your homework!!

  2. The reporter of said article is doing nothing except creating cheap publicity to himself. More than 50% homework has been done within merely three years of period of modi govt. Till past 70 years nobody even dares to take this issue with priority. In India black marketer great hold on political even in burocratic circle. It was like putting head in the loins mouth. Mafias and blackmarketers have great nexus with our system. Modi govt has broken the waist of such dons and now the right time to take action is coming by contemplating benami law and other measures. So many raids have been conducted currency and assets worth millions have been seized/attached. Be positive think positive. Please do not misguide the nation.

    • Sir ji Jo bhi ruling Mai hota hai wo yahi karta Hai…
      Sirf home work…
      Har saal income tax department bahot sare raid Marti hai…
      Aur raid Mai bahot kuch japt bhi Kiya jata Hai…
      Par wo kabhi public nahi Kiya jata jab tak investigation Puri nahi hoti…
      Par ruling party kabhi investigation Puri nahi hone deti.

      Aur note bandi black money or fake money ko rokane ke liye ke gayi thi…

      Par black money to Puri white hogai
      Aur bjp leader khud nakali notes ke sath pakade Gaye Hai…

      To phir ye govt. Janta KE liye nahi sirf black money rakhane walo KE liye kaam kar rahi hai

  3. Please verify whether FIR can be filed under IT Act or any other law in such cases and if so at what stage, on what basis, under what circumstances and in what manner instead of gloating over RTI reply as if the biggest lie on earth is exposed..! Please don’t sensationalise the issue ..!

  4. India is a country full of stupid idiots passed on from generations to generations. The morons believe a faggot ass criminal as a politician and think whatever he says is gospel truth. This is the real problem. India is full of chutiya pwople who blindly believe anything. That’s the reason India is a never developing 3rd world cuntry.


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