RSS mouthpiece quotes Deendayal Upaddhyay, says “person turns nation’s enemy after becoming Muslim”


A recent article in the RSS mouthpiece Rashtra Dharma has exposed the claims made by the BJP leaders including the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on religious intolerance.

An article published in RSS mouthpiece Rashtra Dharma has claimed that Sangh ideologue Deendayal Upadhyaya was against ‘Hindu-Muslim unity’ and a person turned “an enemy of the nation after becoming Muslim.”

The write-up, which is titled “Muslim Samasya: Deendayal Ji Ki Drishti Mein”, has appeared in a special edition of the Rashtra Dharma, which was released by Union Minister Kalraj Mishra in Lucknow on Sunday.

Rashtra Dharma editor Anand Mishra ‘Abhay’ said that special issue on Upadhyaya was compiled at a very short notice.

“I agree with the facts given in the article. This is true that the Muslims could not unite with the Hindus. Muslims even fight among themselves and with other communities like the Sikhs and the Parsis. Ram Manohar Lohia also agreed with Upadhyaya’s views. It is necessary to learn from history to improve our present and future,” Abhay was quoted by Indian Express.

The article also claimed that Muslims ‘still dreamt about restoring the Mughal rule’ and that ‘Pakistan was a medium to achieve that target.’

It added, “Hindus are rich in religious tolerance. In one family, people of different faiths can reside. But, when a person becomes a Muslim, he adopts a new nature to convert people to Islam. A Muslim calls non-Muslims ‘Kaafir’ and does not tolerate them.”

The article advocates political defeat of the Muslims, claiming that changing the mentality of Muslims in India would be difficult till Pakistan was defeated ‘politically.’

“Political defeat will end his aggressive attitude and he will return to his original Hindu nature,” read the article.

According to the author, Upadhyaya called those advocating Hindu-Muslim unity as ‘Muslimparast’ and opposed such ‘unity’ policy of the Congress.

“If the nation’s control is in the hands of those who belong to India but are not different from Qutubuddin, Allauddin, Muhammad Tughlaq, Firoz Shah Tughlaq, Shershah, Akbar and Auarangzeb, then it should be said that centre of their affection isn’t the Indian life,” it read.

Rashtra Dharma Prakashan was founded by Upaddhyay in Lucknow on August 15, 1947. Among those who have been its editor also included the former PM Atal Bihari Vajpyaee, who served as its joint editor.

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