Rs 2.5 crore worth Lamborghini destroyed by fire in Delhi

Continuing the stroke of bad luck associated with Lamborghini in the national capital, another posh car met it’s untimely end in South Delhi’s Badarpur area on Monday.

The car is reported to spontaneously have caught fire starting from the rear end that houses it’s formidable 550 brake horsepower engine.
The driver of the car escaped without any injuries except that he’s now ‘poorer’ by Rs 2.5 crore.
Last July, another Gallardo was reported to have been damaged after a valet at Le Meridien hotel drove it into a concrete wall. The model is named after a famous breed of fighting bull.
The saddest issue for these car owners though is that the Gallardo, Lamborghini’s best selling model yet, went out of production in 2013, after 10 years of dominating the market, making it all the more precious.
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