Richa Chadha’s ‘public interest notice’: ‘Get rid of Hindutva supporters to save Hinduism’


Actor Richa Chadha has issued a ‘public interest’ notice with a call to save Hinduism from Hindutva supporters. Richa said that Hinduism faced threats from the flag-bearers of Hindutva.

Taking to Twitter, Richa said, “Yes, Hinduism is indeed in danger in India. But Hinduism faces threats from supporters of Hindutva. Get rid of Hindutva supporters and save the religion. Issued in public interest.”

Richa’s tweet has come amidst attempts being made to stoke up communalism on the campus of Aligarh Muslim University, where a group of Hindutva goons had attacked students as they tried to enter the campus.

Richa has been an active opponent of bigotry and politics of hate, pushed by the members of the Sangh Parivar. Not so long ago, the Fukrey star had slammed the RSS chief, Mohan Bhagwat, after he made comments disparaging Indian soldiers.

Richa’s viral tweet had read, “By criticising the Indian Army, Mr Bhagwat has exposed himself. What can one expect anyway from the leader of an organisation that didn’t participate in the freedom struggle but brags about being a militant organisation?This farzi and tacky ‘nationalism’ needs to go pronto.”

This was after Bhagwat had sensationally claimed that his outfit, the RSS, was capable of preparing the army within three days, ‘which the Army would do in 6-7 months.’

Richa was also a prominent voice during the nationwide protests against the brutal gang-rape and murder of an 8-year-old girl in Kathua. Two BJP ministers had attended a rally, taken out in support of the 8-year-old child’s rapists and murderers. Both ministers had to later resign but a BJP MLA, who too had supported the Kathua rapists, was later promoted to the rank of a cabinet minister in the Jammu and Kashmir government.

Richa has become an accomplished actor in Bollywood in a relatively short time. Her acting prowess in films like Fukrey, Gangs of Wasseypur and Masaan were widely applauded.

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