Release ‘our Bihari boy’ Kanhaiya Kumar and save further embarrassment: Shatrughan Sinha


BJP MP from Patna Sahib, Shatrughan Sinha on Wednesday said that the JNU students’ union leader, Kanhaiya Kumar had not made anti-national comments and must be released soon.

In a series of tweets, Sinha described Kumar as ‘our Bihar boy’ adding that he must be released.

He said, “Have heard transcript of speech of Kanhaiya, our Bihar boy president of JNUSU. He has said nothing anti national or against constitution. Hope wish and pray that he’s release soon, sooner the better…”

In an indirect dig at central government, Sinha said that it should avoid such embarrassment in future.

He said, “JNU is going through a crisis for reasons best known to politicians. It is an institution of international repute, enviable record &history. It is a seat of learning for some of India’s brightest young minds & also some very respectable teachers. Save it from further embarrassment.”

The shotgun also advised politicians from making irresponsible allegations against the students as it had huge potential on their future.

He said, “We need to be very cautious while making sweeping statements maligning an institution. They are our own children and our own students. If students, teachers or politicians make accusations, they need to be prepared to substantiate them with hard facts that they can stand by.”

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