Ranchi grocery store owner shocked, receives 55.49 crore power bill


A grocery store owner, Krishna Prasad in Ranchi  received an electricity bill of Rs Rs 55.49 crore for his shop, as reported by Press Trust of India.

As reports suggest, Prasad was completely shocked upon receiving the bill as his usual bill amounted to Rs 800 only. The shop owner did not receive any bill for the past three months and suddenly got a power bill for Rs 55,49,88,036. “Going by the previous bills of Rs 800 per month, it should be Rs 2400. We shall contest even the corrected electricity bill when it comes,” said Jitendra, Prasad’s brother.

The Electricity Department, however, clarified that the bill was a result of a technical error. The Department officials said that the corrected bill stands at Rs 10,500. “The mistake happened due to a technical error. The bill will be corrected,” said an official.