Ram Jethmalani regrets supporting Narendra Modi, seeks people’s forgiveness


Renowned Supreme Court lawyer, Ram Jethmalani, has hit out at Prime Minister Narendra once again regretting his decision to support him during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Addressing a function in New Delhi on Tuesday, Jethmalani said, “The one promise he had made was that Rs 90 lakh crore of black money was concealed in foreign banks and that he will get back that money and give Rs 15 lakh to the family of every poor man….and then he appoints a party president ( Amit Shah ) who made a statement that it was an election jumla (gimmick).”

Expressing regret over supporting BJP and Modi earlier, he said, “I am making a confession that I helped them to cheat you, I have come to seek forgiveness.”

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Referring to his letter to Modi extending his support in the general elections, Jethmalani said, “I want nothing from you (Modi) and nothing means nothing but fulfil your promises to the people of India.”

In October last year, just before the Bihar elections, Jethmalani had asked people to punish Modi because he, according to him, had cheated the people.

He had said, “I want to appeal to people to vote for Nitish Kumar to defeat the Bharatiya Janata Party. Narendra Modi should suffer a defeat in Bihar because he has cheated the people.”

A month later, while writing a blog, the veteran lawyer had said that “never has one man thrown away so much in such a short time.”

He had written, “Never has one man thrown away so much in such a short time. I speak of Shri Narendra Modi, the no longer respected Prime Minister of India. I have been his greatest supporter in the dark years of UPA II which used all their might of state power to assassinate him politically, and also his trusted aide Amit Shah.”

(With inputs from Economic Times)

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