Ram Jethmalani announces ‘break up’ with PM Modi on Twitter


Senior lawyer Ram Jethmalani ‘broke up’ with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a letter and announced in via Twitter on Monday.

The letter stated that Jethmalani’s ‘diminishing respect’ for Modi ‘ended today’ (Monday) and criticised the government’s decision to appoint KV Chowdary as the new Central Vigilance Commissioner.

Previously Jethmalani had written to Narendra Modi and said that appointing KV Choudhary would be a “disaster” that would fall on the nation. In his letter, the senior lawyer urged the PM to look into the previous corruption cases that Choudhary was part of.

“CVC should be a man of unimpeachable integrity and Chowdary doesn’t satisfy that description. There is evidence of inquiries against Chowdary and will provide evidence if the Prime Minister asks for it. The Prime Minister should ask me, I have written to the President, it’s their duty to talk to me. The appointment is important and it’s a subject to decision of court. This matter will be thrashed out in the Court,” Jethmalani had reportedly written to Prime Minister Modi.

K V Chowdary was appointed as the new Central Vigilance Commissioner while Vijai Sharma was appointed the new Chief Information Commissioner on Monday.