Rajinikanth announces entry in politics, to form new party


Tamil megastar Rajinikanth on Sunday announced that he was entering active politics by launching a new political outfit.

In a much-awaited announcement at Sri Raghavendra Kalyana Mandapam, Rajinikanth said that his ‘political entry is definite.’

He said, “In next assembly elections I will form a party and will contest all constituencies in Tamil Nadu. Democracy is in bad shape right now, all other states have been making fun of us(Tamil Nadu), I will feel guilty if I don’t take this decision now. In the name of democracy politicians are robbing us of our own money on our own land. We need to bring a change from the base.”

The actor said that ‘truth ,work and growth will be the three mantras of our party.’

He added, “I don’t want volunteers, I want guardians. I need guardians who don’t ask the help of any politician for any personal need. I don’t want party cadres. I want guardians who can fight for people’s rights. And I’m just a people’s representative, who will oversee these army of guardians. I need guardians who can question the government unconditionally.”

He said that the last year events in the state politics had shamed people of Tamil Nadu adding that the government and the system had to be changed.

“know this is not going to be easy.I can do this only the trust and support of the people,” he added.