Tourism slumps in Jaisalmer due to tension on Indo-Pak border


Desert tourist destination Jaisalmer, frequented by lakhs of tourists every year, is bearing the brunt of escalated Indo-Pak tensions with the tourism season beginning on a bleak note this time.

A large number tourists who used to flock to several forts and tourist spots in Jaisalmer, close to the Indo-Pak border, are missing this season as several travellers have cancelled their tours in the wake of tensions between India and Pakistan after the Indian army’s surgical strikes in PoK.

Roads through the vast expanding desert are not as busy as they used to be during this period and hotel owners and travel operators are disappointed with cancellation of bookings.

“The impact of tension between India and Pakistan is quite visible in the city. More than half of the tourism business has been affected as the footfall of tourists is very low this time,” said Sami Vyas, a local guide.

The tourism season in Rajasthan starts with Navratra and thousands of tourists visit every day but this time only handful of tourists are seen, he said.

“Inflow of tourists is low due to the tension but I am hopeful that when this phase will be over, the situation will return to normalcy,” said another local guide in Patwa Haveli.

Prithvi Raj Singh, president of the hotel association of Jaisalmer, said that several bookings have been cancelled and there is no fresh booking.

“There is no fear among locals, but tourists are avoiding visit for a safer side,” he said.

(With inputs from PTI)