Raid on CM’s office, but why not on DDCA? Evidence vanishing, Kirti Azad asks PM Modi to intervene


Former India Test cricketer and the BJP MP from Darbhanga has called on the prime minister, who is currently on a trip to Russia, to intervene as forces were determined to clear incriminating evidence in DDCA corruption.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday morning, hours after he was suspended by the BJP for raising corruption issue against Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, Azad said, “”I want the PM to tell me what my fault is. I want specific answers. I have much to tell, but I don’t want to embarrass anyone. What is the point of attacking from the back?”

Azad alleged that evidence was “vanishing” from the offices of the DDCA.

He said, “”If there can be a raid on the Chief Minister’s office, why can’t there be raid on DDCA? The day before yesterday two boxes of documents were taken out of DDCA. Evidence is disappearing.”

Azad’s revelations come after the Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, had alleged that the CBI raids on his office were to save Jaitley. In an extraordinary development, the Delhi CM, had called PM Narendra Modi a ‘psychopath and coward.’

Few days later, while speaking in the assembly he had demanded Modi’s resignation for misusing the office of CBI to settle personal scores.

Talking about the letter of suspension from the party, Azad said, “The notice says that I have been suspended for anti-party activities. There is nothing specific in the charges against me. Was action taken against me because I raised corruption charges?”

Azad brushed aside the allegations that he was colluding with other party leaders particularly from the AAP.

“If they think I met other parties, then BJP should inform me which parties I met. I have been raising these issues for nine years, would I have dreamed that a party called AAP would also take up this issue?”

“PM Modi and the Margdarshak Mandal should intervene,” said Mr Azad, referring to a “mentors’ panel” of party seniors that has never met.


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