How Modi sounded like a child in candy shop than prime minister on Naga peace deal


Last week the Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi was in Lucknow. It was the same day when he made his famous ‘patriotism is in my blood’ comments during his visit to his constituency, Amethi.

Soon after, attending his programme in Amethi, Rahul arrived in Lucknow, where he called 20-25 journalists for an off-camera informal chat.

There was one condition though. Nothing discussed in the room should be reported.

But, certain revelation by the young Congress leader, was so interesting that we’ve decided to publish. We are using our privilege i.e. in public interest. Apology to the Congress VP in advance!

Among other things, Rahul said that he had congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the day of his oath taking ceremony on 26 May 2014.

‘Modi smiled and extended his left hand for the hand-shake,” he said adding that he too then decided to extend his left hand for the same.

OK, not much exciting up until now? Well keep reading!

Recounting an incident when Modi had called the Congress president Sonia Gandhi to break the news on Naga peace accord, Rahul said, “One day an extremely excited Modi just phoned my mother to say, ‘what your party could not achieve in 40 years, I’ve done it in one year.’ This was the first time the Congress president learnt about the government’s plan to sign peace accord with Nagas.”

Rahul continued, “Modi had hung up the phone after informing my mother about the Naga peace accord. The Congress president then called me to inform about this phone call asking me to check with the chief ministers particularly in Congress-ruled states.

From Assam to Arunachal Pradesh, no chief ministers had any idea about Modi government’s decision to sign peace accord with Nagas. I then called Home Minister Rajnath Singh, and even he had no clue about what Modi had told my mother. We then contacted the NSA, Ajit Doval, who too denied. But what he said later was absolutely bewildering. In his words ‘perhaps he (the prime minister) didn’t understand the message we were trying to convey.'”

So it appears, Modi was acting more like a child in a candy shop than a prime minister on the prospect of signing the historic Naga peace accord.

Few weeks later, the government indeed signed Naga peace accord on 4 August 2015 inviting wrath from both Sonia and Gandhi and Rahul.

The Naga peace deal, which aims to end a six decade long insurgency in the region, was signed by the government and leaders of the NSCN (IM) in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Congress president had said that it didn’t matter whether the deal was historic but it was wholly wrong by the centre not to take the Congress chief ministers on board before signing the deal.

Rahul had described the deal as insult to the people and the chief ministers of these three states in the region.

(Photo: Indian Express)


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