If you protest, I will put you in jail, Rajasthan babu to farmers


In a shocking development in Rajasthan, an IAS officer has threatened the protesting farmers of the district to stop their agitation failing which they will be put behind the bars.

The farmers in Sri Ganganagar have been demanding compensation for the damage to their crops due to the recent hailstorm.

They had gone to lodge their protest before the district magistrate of Sri Ganganagar. But the angry IAS officer threatened them to put behind bars instead.

He said, “If you protest, I will put you in jail.”

Congress’ Sachin Pilot said, “They way they’ve behaved and threatened to put them in jail shows the mentality of the government. They must realise that such behaviour is unacceptable. Innocent farmers asking for water is not a crime. The government must wake up. Our MLAs will raise this issue in the assembly.”

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