Prime Time TV debates: Racist attack against Tanzanian student dominates discussions


We are back with our prime time TV debates live updates. Among the top stories for TV debates tonight are Maharashtra Governor’s nod for for former CM Ashok Chavan’s grilling in graft cases and the alleged racist attack against the Tanzanian student in Bengaluru.

On India Today’s To The Point hosted by Karan Thapar, the show is discussed the fallout of the Bengaluru attack.

The show asked if the racism was ingrained in our psyche?

Here are the highlights:

  • K Srinivasan on TTP says that we should use African players playing in Kolkata league to sensitise Indians while dealing with black people living in India.
  • The topic dominated the conversation on Nidhi Razdan on NDTV too.
  • NDTV’s Left, Right and Centre is now discussing the Hafiz Saeed’s audacious warning that his men will continue to shed more blood.
  • General Talat Masood, former Pakistani defence secretary, says without dialogues it becomes extremely difficult for Pakistan to suppress elements like Hafiz Saeed.
  • Masood says it’s important that India continues to engage Pakistan with dialogues
  • It’s difficult to buy peace from country which doesnt want to sell peace: Sambit Patra
  • Breaking on Times Now: 10 Indian soldiers drowned over by avalanche in Siachen confirmed dead
  • Rajdeep Sardesai discussing the tragic drowning of 14 students in Murud beach in Maharashtra.
  • Victims’ families making extraordinary charges of insensitivity by Maharashtra government
  • Shaina NC of BJP calls the college principal arrogant towards the victims’ families
  • Sambit Patra on NDTV repeats Rajnath Singh’s statement, asks Pakistani panelists to act against Hafiz Saeed and India will stand by Pakistan
  • Ravish Kumar of NDTV India has kickstarted his Prime Time with his famous intro. Tonight it’s on the attack against Tanzanian student.
  • Arnab Goswami has started his News Hour. Debating attack on Tanzanian student. The anchor says ‘we Indians are biggest racists.’
  • Barkha Dutt’s Buck Stops Here is coming from Visakhapatnam, host to ambitious International Fleet Review
  • The Tanzanian girl’s friend contradicts Karnataka home minister, who said attack wasn’t racially motivated
  • (Just in) Heartfelt condolences to the near and dear ones of our brave soldiers martyred in the line of duty in the most difficult terrain of Siachen: Manohar Parrikar
  • PM Modi too mourns death of soldiers in Saichen avalanche


  • On every channel, anchors are asking if the girl was stripped and paraded naked. Her friends answer in affirmative
  • Journalist Vir Sanghvi on CNN-IBN says the Karnataka is not just a govt of liars but govt of idiots
  • Karnataka government is being hammered on almost every channels. Arnab Goswami says ‘Shame on you Karnataka government’
  • A panelist on Times Now says it’s not just racism but also misogyny
  • Pro-Hindu panelist Rahul Eeshwar angrily reacts to Arnab Goswami’s ‘attempts to’ stereotype everyone living in Bengaluru
  • RSS’ Rakesh Sinha on Times Now says Indian people can never be racist
  • Rakesh Sinha says it was just a case of law and order
  • There are 11 windows on Times Now right now. Must be a new record for Indian channels
  • Rajat Sharma on India TV has a report on Ashok Chavan’s possible prosecution in graft cases
  • How is it not racism when a mob attacks a woman for crime of other person because both shared same skin colour?: Times Now
  • Rahul Easwar defending the actions of mob, And this man’s bio says he studied in London. He should know what racist attack looks like
  • Racism is an ideology Indians have never practiced: Rakesh Sinha
  • You look at our Gods’ skin colours. If we were racist, we would have painted our gods in white: RSS’ Rakesh Sinha
  • My thoughts and prayers are with soldiers’ families: Rahul Gandhi


  • Aaj Tak’s programme says Samandar ke ham sikandar. Creative?


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