UP Police’s tweet angers actor Emraan Hashmi, Cops forced to issue clarification


Uttar Pradesh has clarified to actor Emraan Hashmi for taking a potshot at criminals on the microblogging site Twitter. This was after the actor objected to a tweet posted by UP Police warning criminals by using one of the dialogues from the actor’s film.

In its tweet posted on 1 April, the UP Police had tweeted with the following caption, “There must be a reason why villains are always killed in films.” The message in the photo said, “This day (April Fool) is dedicated to those who often boasts using these lines.”

The image used by UP Police also included a dialogue from Emraan’s film, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, where he had played the character of a gangster. In the film, Emraan had said, “You must live a life of a gangster, the entire world is beneath your feet like ash and you fly in the sky like smoke.”

Emraan took a dim view of the UP Police’s tweet using his dialogue and photo to warn criminals. He wrote sarcastically, “One of the few films in which I didn’t die in the end , and 7 years later they decide to do me in.”

The cops were quick to issue a clarification stating that the message in the original tweet was meant for the criminal and not for Bollywood actors. The tweet said, “Good morning Mr Hashmi, the tweet is symbolic & not directed towards any of you wonderful actors in particular. It takes a potshot at the real criminals & villains of society who claim to be larger than Law!”

The cops had also used the image and dialogues from others stars including Ajay Devgn, who gets killed by Emraan in Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. 

On Twitter, the actor received plenty of support from the users with many asking the reason for his long absence from the scene.






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