Police filed sedition charge against Kanhaiya Kumar based on TV clip


Delhi police had filed the sedition charge against JNSU leader Kanhaiya Kumar based on a video clip of the controversial event at the university aired by a Hindi news channel.

This despite the fact that there was a deployment of three police constables at the venue.

Quoting the FIR the PTI reported that police had slapped the case of sedition against Kumar on 11 February after obtaining the video clip of the event from the channel.

Kumar had allegedly made ‘anti-national remarks in his speech on 9 February but the police had filed sedition case against him 12 February.

The FIR said, “HC Rambir No. 2923/SD, CT Karmbir No. 1664/SD, CT Dharmbir No. 3846/SD were sent in civil dress to the Sabarmati Dhaba and were briefed accordingly.”

In the later stages of investigation, the police acquired two more video clips.

The footage was broadcast on the evening of 10 February. The police then wrote the channel editor requesting for the copy of the video in a CD the next day.

According to the FIR, the video showed that students raised pro-Pakistan slogans at the event. It said around 80-90 students were present at the event.

On Thursday, it emerged that how a channel, NewX had aired a portion of Kanhaiya’s speech, chating pro-Azaadi slogans. However, soon a rival TV channel, ABP News released the full video, which showed the context of pro-Azaadi slogans.

In the video, the context of Azaadi was no freedom from India but social issues such as hunger and poverty.

In the statement attached with the FIR, the police said that they have identified 10 students, which include Umar Khalid. However, JNUSU president Kumar’s name did not figure in it, the statement revealed.