Attempt to poison drinking water of madrasa run by Hamid Ansari’s wife


In a shocking development, attempts to poison the drinking water at a madrasa run by the wife of former Vice President of India, Hamid Ansari, in Aligarh have been foiled.

A madrasa student, Afzal studying in Class 7, caught the miscreants red-handed as they attempted to mix rat poison into the water cooler installed at the madrasa.

The miscreants, when caught red-handed, threatened the students with a locally made pistol.

The madrasa is run by Salma Ansari and has nearly 3,600 students studying there. A complaint has also been filed at the Civil Lines police station.

The madrasa PRO, Rashid Ali, approached the local police, who according to reports, have arrested both the criminals.

But speaking to Janta Ka Reporter, the Civil Lines police station in-charge, Javed Khan, said that cops had registered an FIR and were treating the matter with utmost seriousness. He, however, denied reports of the arrests of tho criminals in question.

The madrasa warden, Junaid Siddiqui, said that Afzal had gone to drink water at the cooler, when he spotted both the criminals attempting to mix some powder into the water cooler.

He immediately informed the madrasa warden, who later informed the police.

Ansari was often at the receiving end of the Hindutva supporters, who hated his appointment as a top constitutional post. They often hounded him, often for wrong reasons. His comments on Muslims feeling unsafe in India just days before he relinquished office, had prompted the Hindutva supporters to unleash vile social media campaign against him.