PMO’s ‘strange reply’ to RTI request asking to list out 20 achievements


An RTI request asking for 20 achievements during Narendra Modi’s first year as prime minister has elicited a ‘strange reply.’

An Ahmedabad RTI activist had written to the Prime Minister’s Office to list out 20 achievements of PM Modi in the first year in office. The PMO, in its reply, instead suggested him to check out the ‘websites of  Central Ministries/Departments.”

The request filed by the RTI activist, who would like to be called ‘Mr Patel’ had asked for the following information;

“As per various media reports, the current central government is going to celebrate the completion of 1 year of Indian government from 26 May 2015. Please provide the top 20 achievements by current Indian government.”

In its reply the PMO stated, ” The information sought by you is scattered with more than one public authority. Therefore, your application is not to be transferred to another public authority under section 6(3) of the Right to Information Act 2005.”




Speaking to, Mr Patel said that he found the PMO’s reply ‘very strange.”

He said, ” It wasn’t a complicated request. Surely, PMO office should have the list of its achievements of the first year in office.”

The RTI activist said, he was still thinking if he would be lodging an appeal against this reply adding that it had never been easy to get a straightforward reply from the PMO.


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