PM Narendra Modi’s speech in Kazakhstan through word cloud


Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a key speech on India and Central Asia at Nazarbayev University, Astana in Kazakhstan.

Modi expressed his gratitude for Kazakhstan’s support for India’s bid for permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council.

He said, “No Indian will forget Kazakhstan’s generosity in making way for India’s bid for the membership of the UN Security Council in 2011-12. We stand solidly behind you for your bid in 2017-18. Like Kazakhstan, the rest of Central Asia is on the rise. It is just over two decades since nations here gained independence and regained their identity.”

Modi also praised the Kazakh prime minister Karim Mossimov for his Hindi skills and his interests in Yoga.

He said that Kazakhstan was a nation of global stature and respect because of the country’s “investment in education, human resources and infrastructure.”

Here’s a word cloud of PM Modi’s speech. As illustrated below, three words that stood out from his speech were Asia, India and region.


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