PM Modi interacts with 800 students from nine states on Teachers’ Day


Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with 800 students and 60 teachers from nine states on the eve of Teacher’s day. PM Modi answers their questions from those students via video conference facilities while he sat in the Manekshaw auditorium in Delhi.

PM Modi said, “Students are an image of teachers. Teachers who write should write about some students who left a mark on them, this will show teachers involvement. Maa janm deeti hai, guru jeevan deta hai (Mothers give birth to children while Guru teaches them about life).”

The PM also released commemorative coin and a circulation coin in memory of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishanan on whose birthday the Teacher’s day is celebrated.

Remebering Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Modi said, “Dr. Kalam always wanted to be remembered as a teacher. Kalam went back to teaching the moment he finished his tenure as a President.”

Paying his tribute the profession fo teaching, PM Modi said that it was time to commemorate ‘tapasya’ (sacrifice) done ‘by teachers who created educated doctors, scientists working for nation building.’

Modi answers many questions from students spread across India. The questions ranged from ‘ who had the biggest influence on him’ to ‘who designed your clothes.’

Answering a question on who designed his clothes, Modi said, ” I don’t have any designers. It’s a myth. Anybody who claims to design my clothes is lying.”

On a question related to the biggest influence on his life, Modi replied, “I have been inquisitive by nature since childhood. I used to be in library, Swami Vivekanand influenced me.”

Launching the website for Kala Utsav to promote art in education, Modi said, “We have to see that our kids do not become robots, they also excel in the field of arts. Without arts, life is robotic.”

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