PM Modi expresses solidarity with Muslims in ‘Holy month of Ramzan’ twice in as many days amidst allegations of growing Islamophobia from Gulf countries


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday expressed his solidarity with Muslims in the ‘Holy month of Ramzan’ sharing the difficulties faced by people fasting amidst the coronavirus pandemic. PM Modi said in his monthly radio address Mann Ki Baat that he was aware of Muslims facing difficulties in this Holy month.

Holy month of Ramzan

He said, “The month of Ramzan has begun. During last Ramzan, nobody would have thought that we will have to face such a big crisis in this year’s Ramzan. But, now that the whole world is facing this problem, we have an opportunity to make this Ramzan a symbol of patience, harmony, sensitivity and the feeling of service to others.”

PM Modi continued, “Let’s do more prayers (during this year’s Ramzan) than before so that the world is rid of coronavirus before Eid is celebrated and we celebrate Eid with the same enthusiasm and joy as before. I am confident that we will follow the local guidelines and strengthen our resolve to fight corona.”

This is the second time that PM Modi has shared his thoughts on Ramzan in as many days. Last week, greeting Muslims on the eve of the Holy month, the prime minister had said, “Ramzan Mubarak! I pray for everyone’s safety, well-being and prosperity. May this Holy Month bring with it abundance of kindness, harmony and compassion. May we achieve a decisive victory in the ongoing battle against COVID-19 and create a healthier planet.”

Modi’s special emphasis on Ramadan comes amidst growing anger in the Gulf countries against the rise of Islamophobia in India. Several prominent Arab intellectuals have recently expressed their outrage against the growing Islamophobia in India. Many were unhappy to notice brazen attempts being made to link the spread of coronavirus to Muslims by constantly blaming the members of the Tablighi Jamaat for the pandemic.

This had prompted many Indian diplomats posted in the Gulf region including the Indian ambassador to the UAE to issue a public appeal asking Indians living in the kingdom to adhere to communal harmony.