PM Modi breaks silence on attacks on Kashmiris, says ‘our fight is against terrorism not Kashmir or Kashmiris’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday broke his silence on the growing incidents of Kashmiris being assaulted in several states. Speaking at a public rally in Tonk in Rajasthan, Modi said that ‘our fight is against terrorism and not Kashmir or Kashmiris.”


He said, “I can see that the social media has erupted with a sense of bravery these days. But, brothers and sister, our fight is against terrorism, enemies of humanity. Our fight is for Kashmir and not against Kashmir, not against Kashmiris.

“The issue is not whether recent incidents were big or small in magnitude or whether Kashmiri children were attacked in some parts of the country. This must not happen in this country. Every child of Kashmir is tired of this terrorism. That child also wants to join hands with us to fight that terrorism. We have have them on our side.”

Modi’s statement in favour of Kashmiris has earned him plenty of plaudits on social media with even some of his critics terming it as bold. However, many wondered if he will now take equally bold steps to punish hatemongers within his party or administration, who called for Kashmiris to be punished.

Notable among them was Meghalaya’s bigot Governor Tathagata Roy, who had called for the boycott of Kashmiris. Many had wondered how a racist and bigoted man was suited to occupy the constitutional post. It was Modi, who had appointed Roy in the prestigious post of Governor.

There has been an alarming rise in the incidents of attacks on Kashmiris in several states since 45 CRPF soldiers were killed in a terror attack on 14 February. The Supreme Court on Friday had directed the governments of 10 Indian states to submit their response on steps taken by them to ensure the safety of those hailing from Kashmir in their states.

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