Plane with 55 passengers on board crashes in southern Russia, all dead: Reports


A Flydubai flight FZ981 has reportedly crashed in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don killing all 59 passengers and crew on board.

The flight, according to Russia Today, was arriving from Dubai when it crashed during a landing approach.

Air-traffic control and local emergency services have confirmed that the Boeing 737-800 jet crashed near the runway during a second approach in conditions of poor visibility. posted a video claiming it was of the moment when plain exploded. can’t verify it’s authenticity.

“According to preliminary data, the Boeing 738 crashed in poor visibility conditions, some 50-100 meters left of the runway,” the source said.

News agency Interface quoted a source, “The plane, according to preliminary data, crashed during the second approach.”

All crew and passengers on board the plane were killed in the crash, according to the regional Emergencies Ministry.

“During the landing approach a Boeing-737 crashed. It had 55 passengers on board. All of them died,” a regional spokesman told news agency TASS.

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