Photo gallery: Republic Day celebration by women of Shaheen Bagh


Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh has become the symbol of resistance globally since last year when thousands of women began staging a peaceful protest against the discriminatory Citizenship (Amendment) Act. Women of Shaheen Bagh have encouraged hundreds of thousands of women across India to stage similar protests against the CAA. On 26 January, an incredibly powerful video of a sea of anti-CAA protesters observing India’s Republic Day went viral.

Shaheen Bagh

Journalist Irshad Ali was there to capture the Republic Day celebrations. Here are 19 powerful photos capturing the mood of people leading what’s become a remarkable sign of resistance.

1. It’s important to inform your folks about your safety

2. Example of ‘Unity in Diversity.’ We all are in it together! 

3. Remarkable discipline with men and women standing in their respective areas

4. Unaffected by Delhi’s biting cold. 

5. A unique view of India’s national flags

6. National flags flying high in fight to save India’s constitution

7. Shaheen Bagh’s elderly grandmothers have become truly inspirational

8. Time for a quick selfie with truly inspirational ladies of Shaheen Bagh

9. Women’s power on full display

10. Age is no bar when faced with an existential crisis?

11. Disciplined protesters witnessing flag-hoisting function

12. My tiranga must fly the highest!

13. Ocean of humanity!

14. Tricolour everywhere

15. Infectious enthusiasm

16. Mothers bringing toddlers in the fight to save the constitution

17. We are here to have our names ingrained in the history books 

18. Hum Dekhenge 

19. We are one with unity- our motto!