Now mid-day meal service for Karnataka lawmakers?


To counter the growing problem of absenteeism during the assembly session, Karnataka assembly will soon start the mid-day meal scheme for the lawmakers.

The Assembly Speaker KB Koliwad said that chances of lawmakers staying back in the assembly were high if the government provided mid-day meal service to them. That’s because the Karnataka assembly also known as Vidhan Soudha only has facilities for snacks.

“It is not a big issue. MLAs are also responsible representatives. We have sent circulars, we are taking measures, morning session and evening session we have asked them to sign,” Koliwad was quoted by NDTV.

The menace of absenteeism by lawmakers assume significance given that they get Rs 1,000 daily allowances for attending the session. This is aside from their monthly basic salary of Rs 65,000 and Rs 25,000 monthly travel allowances for visiting constituency.

Providing them meal inside the assembly is just one of the many measures the state government is considering to improve the attendance rates of the state’s elected representatives.

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