Noida DM to Dadri villagers about communal politicians, ‘don’t invite diseases and viruses’


Noida District Magistrate NP Singh on Wednesday told Dadri villagers to stay away from communal politicians who he described as ‘bacteria and viruses.’

While talking to village elders as part of initiative to establish peace in the village, Singh said, “If you give others the permission to set a fire, you will turn to ash. I want to make you aware of this. Don’t invite diseases and virus. They are bacteria and virus. I will not name any organisation. But any organisation that talks about dividing the nation, talks about dividing the society on religious lines…they are desh-drohi (traitors), not wise.”

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“I will come to each village and hold meetings. I urge all village heads to ensure that all those aged between 18 and 30 years attend the meetings. They can be from any caste or religion. We will speak to them. For this, I use these terms – ideological surgery,” Singh was quoted by Indian Express

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He said, “Do you want to take this country back to the Stone Age? If someone is committing a crime, I am not saying they should not be punished. But, you do not have the right to give punishments. (This right) is with the system that you have made. This is a democracy, the system is yours, no one else’s.”

52-year-old Mohammad Akhlaq was killed by a Hindu mob on 28 September based on rumours that he had eaten and stored beef in his house. His 21-year-old son too was critically injured.

All accused bar one belong to the family of local BJP leader Sanjay Rana.

Several politicians including BJP’s riot accused Sangeet Som, VHP’s Prachi have visited the village and use the opportunity to make what many felt communally charged statements. An outfit headed by another controversial BJP MP, Adityanath, even offered ‘guns’ to arm local ‘Hindus.’

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