Government negotiators said how Modi’s Rafale deal was not better than what UPA government negotiated


A new report has confirmed that the Rafale deal singed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to allegedly help his friend Anil Ambani was worse than the deal being struck by the Congress-led UPA regime in the past. A new report by The Hindu newspaper quoting confidential documents has proved what Janta Ka Reporter had first highlighted more than a year ago when we first exposed the corruption in the Rafale deal.

A report by The Hindu quoted dissent note of at least three bureaucrats involved in the negotiation with France. According to the report, the dissent note was signed off by three domain experts on the Indian team namely MP Singh, Adviser (Cost), a Joint Secretary-level officer from the Indian Cost Accounts Service; AR Sule, Financial Manager (Air); and Rajeev Verma, Joint Secretary and Acquisitions Manager (Air). These high-ranking bureaucrats had written their eight-page note three months before the inter-governmental agreement was signed on 23 September, 2016.

The report by The Hindu stated, “Commenting on the final Euro 7.87 billion cost of the new Rafale deal, the domain experts stated that ‘the reasonability of price offered by the French Government is not established. Even the final price offered by the French Government cannot be considered as ‘better terms’ compared to the MMRCA [medium multi-role combat aircraft] offer and therefore not meeting the requirement of the Joint Statement’.”

Reacting to the new revelation, Congress President Rahul Gandhi said, “The PM defended his personal RAFALE bypass deal on 2 counts :
1. Better Price
2. Faster Delivery
Both have been demolished by the revelations in the Hindu today.

Watch my LIVE Press Conference on the #RafaleScam at 3.30 PM today.”

Earlier, the newspaper had reported how the defence ministry officials had expressed their displeasure on Modi carrying out parallel negotiations that weakened India’s stand. Later, it was also revealed how Modi had waived off the crucial anti-corruption clause from the deal.


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