Netizens sarcastically thank Arvind Kejriwal after Delhi airport gets flooded


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday once again became a topic of intense conversations on the internet after the airport in the national capital was flooded due to incessant rains. Netizens took to Twitter to mock the AAP leader by sarcastically thanking him for the mayhem caused by monsoon rains.

A video shared by news agency ANI showed how aircrafts parked at the Delhi airport were flooded. The rains also adversely impacted the flight operations in Delhi with airlines advising passengers to check the updates before leaving for the airport.

A tweet by Spicejet read, “Due to bad weather in Delhi (DEL), all departures/arrivals and their consequential flights may get affected. Passengers are requested to keep a check on their flight status.”

One Twitter user shared a video claiming that parts of the Terminal 3 building too had been waterlogged after the rains.

Twitterati took to the microblogging site to mock Kejriwal as the AAP leader once again trended for wrong reasons.

Kejriwal has always come under sharp criticism for his obsession with splashing crores of taxpayers’ money in self-promotion. His critics have always slammed him for his arrogance in turning a blind eye to people’s misery in his desperation to promote his personal brand.

The AAP leader was at the centre of public criticism last week when he announced the LIVE broadcast of his Ganesh puja on TV channels at the expense of crores of taxpayers’ money. Analysts argue that the chief minister ought to have invested this money on improving the national capital’s infrastructure than to show complete disdain for the hardship faced by those who voted him to power three times in the past.

Kejriwal and his supporters are notorious for shifting the blame to the Centre in the event that Delhi residents suffer from his poor governance but move with lightning speed when there’s an opportunity to earn people’s praise. Not too long ago, AAP MLA Atishi took to Twitter to indirectly praise the Kejriwal government when Delhi’s Minto Bridge did not get waterlogged even after the rains.

But, days later, when the same area was deluged with rainwater, Kejriwal’s supporters wasted no time in blaming the BJP-ruled civic body for the mess.