AIB is back with third video, exposes Facebook’s plan to ‘hurt net neutrality in India’


All India Bakchod (AIB), a very popular comedy group, is back with its third video in its ‘Save the Internet’ series advocating net neutrality.

Their video comes amidst massive advertisement campaign by the Facebook in support of Free Basics in India.

The AIB, in their latest video aims to ‘expose; Facebook who they say is trying to violate net neutrality in India through the back door, known as Free Basics.

Says Tanmay Bhat, “What is Internet Basics. Remember, that thing was violating net neutrality in the first couple of videos. It’s come back as Free Basics. If Ajay Devgan removes A from Devgan, he won;t cease to become Ajay Devgan. It won;t be that just because he’s removed A from his surname, Kajol will cry ‘mera marad kidhar gaya?”

Tanmany’s partner, Rohan Joshi adds , “This is the equivalent of using Adibas to sell fake f****** shoes that look like Adidas but aren’t Adidas.”

In the last few days, many Facebook users have received notifications informing them how their friends had sent messages to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India asking them to support Free Basics in India.

Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg has held at least three meetings with the Indian prime minister since Narendra Modi took office in May last year. Modi was Zuckerberg’s guest-in-chief in September this year at the Facebook HQ.

The Facebook founder reciprocated it by visiting Delhi a month later. Many suspected that Zuckerberg was desperately trying to persuade the central government in giving its nod to push Free Basics, which many believe will sound the death nail to net neutrality in India.

However, voices against Facebook’s attempts to hurt net neutrality through the back door are growing. More than 300,000 people have signed the online petition titled ‘TRAI: Don’t allow differential pricing of services on the Internet. Let the consumers choose how they want to use Internet.’

The AIB through this video is urging online users to urgently sign the petition before 30 December

TRAI has asked Reliance Communications to stop the Free Basics service of Facebook, at least for some time. The regulatory body is waiting for more online responses till 30 December before deciding on net neutrality.

Anil Ambani owned Reliance Communications is Facebook’s sole telecom partner in India to offer a set of basic internet services free to its subscribers.