Under pressure from Sony, nervous Kapil Sharma reaches out to Sunil Grover

Comedian Sunil Grover on Tuesday caused a stir after he slammed Kapil Sharma for his alleged bad behaviour and displaying arrogance.

In his heart-wrenching letter to Kapil Sharma, the host of Sony TV’s Kapil Sharma Show Grover asked him to refrain from using foul language ‘in front of women’ making it amply clear that he wouldn’t be a part of his show in future.

This after reports had emerged that a drunk Sharma had beaten up and abused Grover during a flight back from Australia.

Grover, popular for his roles as Gutthi and now Dr Mashoor Gulati, received plenty of support from social media users, many of whom felt that that success had spoiled Sharma.

However, Sony TV is believed to have intervened asking Sharma to resolve the issue as Grover’s departure is bound to have adverse impact on the channel’s TRP. There are also reports that many other actors from the show will depart because of Sharma’s alleged bad behaviour towards his co-stars.

Last week, while shooting the episode with Begum Jaan crew, Sharma had reportedly made Vidya Balan wait for at least six hours.

Sharma clearly knows the impact Grover’s departure will have his show. No wonder, his last tweet desperately  sought an apology from Grover informing that he planned to visit him at his house.

Sharma wrote, “Paji @WhoSunilGrover sry if I hurt u unintentionally.u knw vry well how much I luv u. M also upset .love n regards always:) (sic).”

One source close to Grover told Janta Ka Reporter, “Right or wrong, we don’t know. But it had become unbearable for Sunil to take Sharma’s badtameezi any longer.”

6 thoughts on “Under pressure from Sony, nervous Kapil Sharma reaches out to Sunil Grover”

  1. We have no fist hand report of exactly what and when happened. However one thing is clear in India, as soon as you are famous, have money, either you become criminal by breaking laws like killing endagered animals or driving over people sleeping on footpath or carryring banned weapons. seem Kapil was drunk plane and abusive, what would have happened to ordinary passanger? Why airline did not take any action? Did Airline broke any rules for not sticking to protocols? Did Kapil broke any rules by getting drunk and being abusive and cursing on plane? Why we accept criminal and bad mouth calebraties?

  2. agar kapil ko dil se samajh m aa gaya hai k show sunil ,ali,chandan, sumona k saath hi hai aur use poori co star team ki hamesha respect karni chahiye not only of sunil tabhi ye show hai aur haan sunil ko bhi wapis aa jana chahiye… best of luck see you in show

    • Sahi bole.Respect sabki karni chahiye.Aur ye Kya baat Hoti hai sorry if I hurt u.Matlab tumlog pata hi nahi tumne abuse kiya kisiko toh woh hurt hoga.He should have said sorry without ifs and buts. And it’s up to the person to forgive u or not..

  3. Shameful and disrespectful to humiliate the co stars, this is seen in each episode where his ego plays over co-artists.
    Such a wonderful channel Sony sponsoring and supporting the Idiot Kapil Sharma who has crossed lines in public is shameful. He has made a fuss last year with Colors by black mailing them for money. This money minded guy with all the head weight, Recently he started thinking he is greater than Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh, Salman etc. This cartoon tweets to the PM, challenges corporation of Mumbai with his egoistic comments. Throw this bugger out…!!


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