Muslim boy weds Hindu girl in Mysuru, VHP calls it love jihad


Right-wing Hindutva group, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, has protested against the wedding of a Muslim boy with a Hindu girl in Karnataka.

Shakeel Ahmad got married to Ashitha on Monday while the VHP protested against their wedding calling it love jihad.

VHP’s B Suresh told NDTV, “This is love jihad. If it is love we have no objection, but this seems to be forced.”

But, the bride Ashitha’s father couldn’t care less about VHP protests.

Dr Narendra Babu said, “We are all equal in India… that is the message to protesters. They should understand that.”

Shakeel’s father Mukhtar Ahmed, a jaggery trader, told the channel, “This is a happy occasion. What does it matter if 0.01 per cent protest, if everybody else is celebrating?”

Ashitha and Shakeel, both 28, have known each other for years. Their families were neighbours in Mandya before the Ahmeds moved out.

Ashitha and Shakeel were classmates in school and college, finished their MBA together and have been in love for the last 12 years, their families say.

MBA graduates Ashitha and Shakeel Ahmed got married at a convention centre in Karnataka’s Mysuru today. Present at the Nikaah were their families, friends and a lot of policemen.

The couple has found strong support from social activists like writer K S Bhagavan, who attended the wedding. Mr Bhagavan is no stranger to such threats because of his rationalist writings.