Mumbai police’s brutality raises questions on BJP’s claims of good governance


Mumbai cops mercilessly thrashing a young couple inside Andheri police station has gone viral. This comes days after the cops under the BJP ruled state had brutally assaulted a young man, Asif Shaikh, for no fault of his.

In the video (see below), the cops are seen mercilessly thrashing a girl and his friend. The eyewitness, Ghulam Maqbool Sheikh, who shot the video said that the police had beaten the couple merely on the suspicion that they were couple.

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According to Sheikh, police wasn’t satisfied with this answer and brought the couple inside the police station despite they insisting that their argument did not require police’s intervention.

He said, “The girl asked the police personnel why she was brought to the police station. This made the cops angry prompting them to slap her hard. Frightened girl then frantically asked for his friend’s help. His friend’s only fault was that he came to protect her. The angry cops pounced on them and began to thrash them mercilessly. The girl was bleeding profusely.”

This alleged incident of moral policing by Mumbai cops has shaken the civil society, who are now questioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi if this is what means good governance under the BJP regime.

Renowned activist Kavita Krishnan asked:

While addressing election rallies in Bihar, Modi has not missed any opportunity to cite examples of the BJP rules as the model of good governance. The fifth and final phase of elections are scheduled to be held in Bihar tomorrow. This incident of police’s brutality is bound to make them incredibly wary of Modi’s claims of good governance. Bihar’s voters are bound to be frightened of the prospects of similar brutality by Bihar’s police once the BJP led alliance comes to power in the state.


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