MPs write to LS Speaker, want Bhagwant Mann be sent to rehab centre

MPs have written to the Lok Sabha Speaker, Sumitra Mahajan, requesting her to send Aam Aadmi Party MP, Bhagwant Mann, to rehab centre for alcohol de-addiction.

Among those who wrote to Mahajan are Akali Dal’s Chandumajra, BJP’s Mahesh Giri and suspended AAP MP Harinder Khalsa.

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In their letter they wrote, ” It is common knowledge in the Parliament that the said Member of Parliament continuously remains under the influence of intoxicants or liquor and does not attend Parliament proceeding without being intoxicated…”

They concluded the letter (read below) by urging the Speaker to send the AAP MP on a Rehab Centre for drugsachohol de-addiction centre.

They said, “We would be grateful that Shri Bhagwant Mann be sent on a Rehab Centre for drugs/alcohol de-addiction by the Lok Sabha on Lok Sabha expenditure and it is only after that he should be allowed to attend the proceedings of Lok Sabha.”

Meanwhile, ANI reported that there was unanimity in the 9 member committee that action must be taken against Bhagwant Mann in the Facebook video case.

Mann had stoked controversy by broadcasting live the security arrangements of the Parliament though his Facebook page.

He had later apologised for his act.


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