MPs salary and allowances to be doubled in this year’s budget


Representatives from the Union parliamentary ministry have told the panel looking into the Centre’s proposal to hike MPs’ salary and allowances that a cabinet note had been prepared for doubling salary and allowances of lawmakers.

According to a PTI News report, the panel members asked them to place the note before the Union Cabinet soon for its early approval to ensure its approval in this year’s Union Budget, to be presented on 29 February.

An MP has a salary Rs 50,000 per month and gets Rs 2,000 per day as allowance upon signing the register while attending Parliament sessions or House committee meetings.

These earnings aside, an MP is also entitled to Rs 45,000 constituency allowance every month.

Other entitlements for MPs also include posh government accommodation, free air travel and train travel facilities, three landline telephone connections and two mobile phones and loan of Rs 4 lakh to buy a vehicle.

Last year in September, the central government had proposed to from a three-member Emoluments Commission to determine salary and allowances of Members of Parliament. This was endorsed at the two-day All India Whips Conference on 29 and 30 September.

However, the original proposal to double the salary and allowances of MPs had come in June after the parliamentary panel’s recommended to double the pay and perks for the lawmakers.

The committee, headed by BJP MP Yogi Adityanath, had suggested that while taking a decision on salary, parameters like inflation and hike in the salary of government officials should be taken into consideration.

Under the proposals, the constituency allowances are likely to be hiked from Rs 45,000 to Rs 75,000, while the new basic salary is likely to be Rs 1,00,000.

Not so long ago, the decision to hike salary and allowances of AAP MLAs had become hugely controversial with even the members of the Centre’s ruling BJP slamming Arvind Kejriwal government.

Last week, it was reported how Telangana government had decided to hike the pay of legislators in the state.

Given that the parliamentarians have become notorious for not allowing the parliament to function through constant disruption, the decision to double their pay is bound to be hugely controversial.

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