Justice Katju says Madhya Pradesh encounter was fake, demands death penalty for cops

Renowned former Supreme Court judge, Justice Markandey Katju has said that he reckoned the encounter that killed 8 undertrials in Madhya Pradesh on Monday was fake.

Writing on his Facebook page, Justice Katju demanded death sentence for the cops involved in the encounter.

He wrote, “From what I could gather, the so called ‘encounter’ in Bhopal was fake, and all those responsible for it, not only those who did the actual executions, but also those who ordered it, including politicians and senior police officers, must be given death sentence, as held by my bench in the Supreme Court in Prakash Kadam vs. Ramprasad Vishwanath Gupta.”

Drawing parallel with the atrocities during the Nazi era of Germany under Hitler, the former Press Council of India chairman said, “In the Nuremburg trials after the end of the Second World War the Nazi war criminals took the plea that ‘ orders are orders ‘. But this plea was rejected, and most of them were ordered to be hanged.”

He said that the cops accused of extra judicial killins must remember that ‘gallows await them.’

He wrote, “So trigger happy policemen who think they can do extra judicial killings and get away with it should know that the gallows await them.”

4 thoughts on “Justice Katju says Madhya Pradesh encounter was fake, demands death penalty for cops”

  1. Wrongly and illegally killed, no doubt. But they were not innocents. They brutally killed a Jail officer and escaped and in vengeance they were killed when the police were able to surround and corner them. They could have been caught but general public opinion including the police and jail officers’ vengeful attitude seems to have preferred their killings. Sometimes the police even stage manage escapes to have their ‘enemies’ killed with such excuse. Well, if the police confronting them were only 3-4 and if they had weapons, would they have shown mercy? So, it is something like a war and the old adage is ‘all is fair in war…’ – I AM ONLY GIVING THE OTHER SIDE AND NOT SUPPORTING IT. Let there be a thorough enquiry and guilty be punished – but of course, SHOULD NOT BE HANGED.

  2. Justice Katju is 100% right.
    The whole incident is fake & designed to murder them under custody. It’s a big joke & insult of Indian judiciary if they don’t punish the planner, who ordered & executer police staff. Present state & Modi govt is Facist & biased against their own co citizen & co human being. They protect animals & slaughter humanbeing.

  3. Present Facist govt & police killed youth under trial. Great insult of Indian judiciary. Present govt are HINDU Taliban and killing their own co citizens in the name of religion to capture seat…


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